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Turnkey Solar Installation

Includes design, permitting, installation and commissioning. Insurance certificate with client named as insured issued before work begins. W-9 for IRS 1099 issued if required.

Landowner Partnership

Owner provides parts of the project. This could include installation labor (auger post holes, structural assembly, electrical work, permitting, etc.).

REAP Grant Preparation

The USDA REAP grant is available for farms and rural businesses. Every business north of M-55 qualifies as a rural business in Michigan. The grant is 25% of the installed cost of a renewable property. It is not guaranteed. The application for projects under $200,000 is fairly straightforward.

There is also a REAP loan guarantee available for up to 85% of the installed cost. Total of grant and loan cannot exceed 100%.

The client needs to supply about a dozen financial documents and business forms.

We'll provide the technical documents, fill out all the required forms, and assemble the package for submission.

Construction on the project cannot start until the grant application is submitted. The grant deadlines for 2017 are March 30 and October. Announcements are made 45-60 days from the grant deadlines

There is no guarantee of a REAP grant. But Leelanau Solar has been successful with 16 of 16 grant applications.

Cost: $700 for REAP Grant application

Site Assessment

We'll do a "first cut" analysis based on Google Earth and photographs for free. We have over 120 sites operating in northern Michigan with historical performance data. We can usually find a site similar to yours and predict performance based on those sites.

Complex sites require may require more analysis. A Solar Pathfinder analysis identifies nearby elements (trees, buildings, etc) that can compromise the performance of a solar array. Solar energy availability is determined for each hour of the year to arrive at an annual performance number.

Cost: $200-300, Depends on roof or ground mount

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