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Adjustable Tilt Ground Array

This is the solution for Norther Michigan. The tilt is adjusted three or four times per year (winter, spring/fall, summer) with no tools. One person can adjust an array in less than 5 minutes. Output is improved by 15-20% over a fixed ground array and no snow maintenance is required. The "winter" angle (on right) sheds all snow. Up to 4.8 kW can be mounted on each module.

Ground Mounted Tracking System

Up to 24 panels (7.8 kw) can be mounted on each array. The system tracks the sun using GPS based microprocesser. An anemometer monitors wind speed and parks the system flat in high winds. In winter, the system tips vertically every day to shed snow before beginning tracking routine. Costs about 25% more than a fixed (per kw-hr) array but makes it up with increased production.

Roof Mounted System

Roof standoffs are aluminum brackets bolted to roof trusses with stainless steel bolts. Heavy aluminum flashing under two shingle courses and "Solar Seal" provides long term protection.

Monitoring Systems

There are both wired and wireless monitoring systems available. They can display real time data on either a PC or a stand alone display. The inverters store production data for several months for download to a PC.

  • All systems have professional engineer (PE) sealed structural drawings
  • Systems are designed per NEC (National Electric Code) requirements
  • Inverters are all IEEE 929,1741 and UL 1741 compliant
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