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Here are the price lists for ground arrays and rooftop arrays for 2021

Leelanau Solar can install most PV systems for $2.25 - $3.00 per DC watt.

This is for a turnkey system including design, permitting, all components, installation, interconnection, and commissioning.

This is significantly lower than the average U.S. cost of $3-3.50/watt reported in 2020


10kw System (10,000 watts)

  • It will produce about 12,000 kilowatt-hours per year (10,000 x 1.2)
  • This is worth about $1,450 in 2020, about $2,500 in 2030.
  • The system will cost $23-28,000 installed ($2.30 - 2.80 / watt).
  • The federal tax credit (26%) brings the cost to $16,100 to $19,600.
  • A 25% REAP Grant will bring the cost down to $12,100 to $14,700
The simple payoff is 8.4 (REAP) to 13.6 years at today’s electric rates, 6 to 10 years at future rates.

Solar Math – It’s Simple

  • Systems are rated by DC watts (STC). This is the peak power of the solar panels.
  • For every DC watt, a system will produce about 1.2 kilowatt hours (kwh) per year in northern Michigan.
  • Each kwh is worth about 15 cents in 2021, 20+ cents in 10 years.

Future Electric Rates for

Consumers Energy at

5% Annual Increase

Average rate will be

15-16 cents over the

next 10 years.


  1. Permitting is complex and represents 10-15% of a project. Grand Traverse County costs about $1000 more than other jurisdictions because they have unique requirements for electrical permits. Any system under Michigan State electrical jurisdiction will cost an additional $6 per solar panel - typically $200-500 more than county permits
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