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Leelanau Solar has over 60 solar PV installations in the Leelanau / Grand Traverse region

Habitat for Humanity - Traverse City Depot Project

Leelanau Solar recently completed installation of the first three rooftops of Habitat's "net-zero" homes at the Traverse City Depot. The all-electric homes will be powered by 7.5 kW, 27-panel rooftop arrays.

Northport Creek Golf Course

49 kW Adjustable Tilt Solar Farm

Sixteen 12-Panel Modules, 192 255 watt panels total

This is the first solar powered golf course in Michigan. The adjustable tilt system powers the two 30 hp three-phase irrigation pumps and the three single- and three-phase well pumps.

Production: 64,000 kW-hours/year

Payback: 8-9 years with ITC and depreciation

In spring 2014, two dual axis tracking arrays will be added to power the clubhouse and electric cart charging.

Crain Hill Vineyards, Brengman Brothers - Elmwood Township

18.75 kW Two-Axis Tracking System

Three 6.25 kW Arrays

This is the largest two-axis tracking array in Michigan. The system is designed to provide all the electrical needs of the main facility including the geothermal heating and air conditioning. This is the first "net-zero" winery in Michigan. Ed and Robert Brengman are committed to sustainable farming as a model for agricultural producers.

Production: 29,500 kw-hours per year

Payback: 7 years with REAP grant, ITC and depreciation.

Trillium Hill Farm, LLC - Leelanau Township

6.0 kw Ground Array

24 – 250 watt panels

This was a cooperative installation with the owner.

Owner purchased all major components (panels, inverter, racking) and helped with augering post holes, concrete pour, and panel installation. Leelanau Solar did the design, array fixturing & electrical work. Netmetering and interconnection were already in place for the existing 2.4 kw Skystream wind turbine.

The wind and solar systems are providing all the energy for the home. 

Light of Day Organics, LLC - Solon Township

8.8 kW Roof Array

36 – 245 Watt Panels

Turnkey agricultural installation with remote wireless monitoring system.

Permits required for electrical, interconnection and netmetering with Cherryland.

System will provide 90-95% of the energy for the farm (irrigation and processing operations)

Production: 10,000+ kwh / year

6.3 kW Dual Axis Tracking Array - Light of Day Organics

6.3 kW system with all-black panels. This supplements the 8.8 kW system on the barn roof and brings the facility to net-zero for energy use.


3.9 kW Array on Garage for Electric Car Charging

15 - 260 Watt Panels with

Enphase MicroInverters

Homeowner partnership.The system is under netmetering with Consumers Energy.

The owners have purchased a Ford C-Max Energi plug-in hybrid vehicle. The solar panel circuit feeds the car charger to charge the vehicle battery. The solar array will provide energy for about 12,000 miles of all-electric driving per year.

Leelanau Lavender Breezes, LLC - Cedar

5.9 kW Roof Array

24 – 245 Watt Panels on the Barn

Turnkey agricultural installation. System was designed for expansion to 9.0 kw. The solar array supplements the production from the existing 10 kw XZeres windmill.

Solar array provides peak production in summer to avoid the Consumers Energy surcharges (+5 cents per kwh over 600 kwh/month).

The two systems provide all the electricity for the home and farm.

10.1 kW Adjustable Tilt Ground Array - Bear Lake MI

36 - 280 watt panels on adjustable tilt system. Includes two 1500 watt daytime backup circuits that will power appliances in case of power outage. System is shown in the summer tilt position.

10.1 kW Adjustable Tilt Ground Array - Bear Lake MI

This home has southwest and southeast facing roofs and occasional local shading. Enphase microinverters maximize production from each solar module and simplify installation.

7.2 kW Dual Axis Tracking Array

8.1 kW Array on Metal Roof

24 - 300 watt LG modules will produce about 12,000 kW-hrs per year. The garage carries an 8.1 kW array on a metal roof. The two systems will provide about 20,000 kW-hrs per year and fully power this high efficiency, all-electric residence.

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