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Solar Edge Public Sites

You can view actual, real time and historical production for many sites throughout the world. These sites have been made "Public" by the owners.

Go to the following link

At the bottom of the page click on Public Sites

This will take you to several pages of Solar Edge sites.

Some of Leelanau Solar's sites are:

  • Christmas Cove is an 8.6 kW rooftop installed in 2016
  • Northport Creek is two dual axis trackers (13 kW total) installed in late2014
  • Northport School is a 7.2 kW dual axis tracker installed in 2016
  • Traverse Heights Elementary School is a 10.1 kW rooftop installed in late 2015

The most interesting feature is in Layout (icon looks like a family tree).

Pick Playback and then scroll the red line cursor across the graph to see the change in power in each panel

Pick Daily or Weekly for different time periods.

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