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What's New for 2017?

  • Installed prices have dropped 30-50 cents per watt over the past year. 100kW ground arrays are now under $2.00 per watt installed.
  • Cherryland no longer offers a true net metering program. Instead they have a "Buy-All, Sell-All" program that pays 10 cents per kWh for any size system.
  • The Michigan Legislature passed SB 437 and 438 which has created uncertainty for their Consumers Energy solar customers. A monthly fee and reduced credits for excess generation may hit solar customers in 2019.

2017 is the Time for Agricultural Solar
Cherryland's Buy-All / Sell-All program is a great investment for agricultural producers. $25,000 per acre annual income and a 6-7 year simple payback. This program will lock-in monthly payments for 20 years and provide a 15% ROI over 15 years.

Recent Media Reports
The average annual increase in Michigan since 2006 has been 7% for Consumers Energy and 4% for Cherryland.  Even at a modest 4% annual increase, electric rates will be over 20 cents per kilowatt hour in ten years.

Leelanau Solar Completes First Phase of Habitat for Humanity "Depot Project"
Leelanau Solar recently completed installation of the first three rooftops of Habitat's "net-zero" homes at the Traverse City Depot. The all-electric homes will be powered by 7.5 kW, 27-panel rooftop arrays.

Northport Creek Wins Golf Digest's "Green Star Award" in 2015
Northport Creek joins former winners Pebble Beach and Pinehurst as winners of this award. See Golf Digest article here .

Leelanau Solar Completes Solar Golf Course Project 
(The first 100% solar golf course in the US)
The 49 kW adjustable tilt ground array at Northport Creek Colf Course went on line in mid December. The 192 panels are in "winter mode" with a tilt of 65 degrees. This optimizes winter solar energy collection and sheds 98% of snow. During the 2013-14 winter, we had 21.5 ft of snow and no loss of production from snow cover. The system will power the 50 hp irrigation pumps and the 25 hp well pumps. 
There are two 6.3 kW dual axis tracking arrays for cart charging and clubhouse operations. 
Leelanau Solar Installs the Largest Solar Tracking Array in Michigan at Crain Hill (Brengman) Vineyards
 This dual-axis, three-tracker system provides all the electrical energy to power the geo-thermal winter heating, summer air conditioning, and agricultural processing for the facility. This is the first  "Net-Zero" agricultural facility in northern Michigan.
Leelanau Solar is "14 for 14" with REAP Grants
All 14 USDA REAP grant applications submitted by Leelanau Solar have been approved over the past four years. This saves our customers an additional 25% on their solar projects.
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